Jeff Garden, 62

Mr. Garden from Wisconsin was diagnosed with cataracts. QUESTWISE helps his blurry vision. Listen to his experience with QUESTWISE eye patches.

Tenne. Fujimoto, 17 high school student

Her eyes are very itchy due to pollen allergy…


She was very anxious after learning the “floaters “ appearing in her left eye…

She has a job that requires extensive computer use. This eye path has helped her relax her eyes.…

"I’m currently in my 60s and for many years I struggled with presbyopia. This is an eye condition that makes it difficult for me to see things up close and clearly. As I’ve aged my vision has become progressively worse. For example, when working on the computer, my vision would eventually become blurry making it difficult to see the screen text clearly. On some occasions, I’ve experienced floaters where it looks like small flecks are passing across my eyes. When one of my friends recommended QUESTWISE eye patches, I decided to give them a try.

I followed the instructions that came inside the package by applying the six small eye patches on the healing positions around my eyes. Three on each side. Immediately, I smelled a strong aroma with coolness that made me feel refreshed. My eyes began to tear. It wasn’t painful at all and I simply kept blinking until they finally adapted to the sensations. This lasted about six minutes before I could see normally.

I was surprised how the eye patches worked so quickly, I guess regulating the eye nerves. This was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I’ve made. Now I carry a small package of the patches with me for emergencies and to relieve eye fatigue.

Clear Zhang, 68
"A 29-year-old woman who was nearsighted with 2.0 diopters and had pseudomyopia usually needed to wear glasses when driving at night. After using this product for 2 months, she did not need to wear glasses full time. When she went to get her eyes checked, she found that she was now only nearsighted with 1.0 diopters.

Symptom -myopia (nearsighted)
"One woman suffered from extremely dry eyes and had to use eye drops upon waking up every morning. The first time she used this product overnight, she didn’t feel any dryness in her eyes the next morning.

Symptom - dry eye
" Due to the excessive use of computers for years, my vision was not only getting blurry but also dimmed. In addition, my eyes get strained quickly. When I used these eye patches for about one week, one day, I found my vision gets clear and brighter—this experience is very similar to wearing a new pair of eyeglasses. Meanwhile, my eyes don’t get sore easily.

Some unexpected results occurred. I suffered from minor insomnia for years. I found these eye patches help me with my sleep. Consequently, I like to use these patches before bed.

Corey Lee, 51, professor
"My daughter is a sophomore in college this year and her major is Data Science. She used the computer a lot, and also played phone games. Every time I saw that her eyes were too tired to open, I felt really worried about how she would be able to handle her programming and future job. Her myopia was getting worse too. After she used Quest Wise eye patches, her eyes are getting bright. I've bought a lot of eye patches for her since then. I'm really glad I don't need to worry about her eyes any more. I really appreciate Quest Wise anti-fatigue nutritional eye patches!!!

Mother of Rachel Feng, 20, college student
"A woman had a child who was nearsighted with 4.0 diopters. The child’s eyesight would worsen by -0.5 D by the end of each school year. After using these eye patches, the child’s eyesight no longer worsened.

Symptom - myopia (nearsighted)