Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Do you eyes feel exhausted
Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Protects your eyes in 4 ways
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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Transdermal technology relieve fatigue


Made in Japan, 100% natural plant extract. Each box contains 60 pieces, with 4-6 pieces used per application. Helps relieve dry eyes, fight fatigue, alleviate nearsightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism, and other issues.


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    How Our Product Transforms Eye Care

    In the quest for optimal eye health, the challenges of dry eye syndrome, eye fatigue, high eye pressure, swelling, and the discomforts of pollen allergies often seem insurmountable. Yet, the solution lies closer to home than you might think. Our revolutionary QUEST WISE Soothing Cold Compress Patch offers a beacon of hope, harnessing the power of targeted relief and natural healing to address these common eye ailments directly and effectively.

    Alleviating Pollen Allergy Symptoms: For many, the changing seasons bring the dread of pollen allergies, with eye discomfort being a primary concern. Our patches provide a unique advantage, offering relief from the itchiness, watering, and redness associated with allergic reactions, making it easier to enjoy the beauty of each season without the worry of allergies.

    Stimulating Natural Tear Production: For those battling the constant irritation and discomfort of dry eye syndrome, our product stands out by encouraging the eyes' natural tear production. This not only alleviates the symptoms of dryness but also promotes a healthier eye environment, keeping the discomfort at bay.

    Soothing Eye Fatigue: In today's digital age, eye fatigue is a pervasive issue. Our soothing patches offer immediate relief, revitalizing tired eyes with essential nutrients and helping you reclaim the comfort lost to screens and strain.

    Reducing Eye Pressure and Swelling: High eye pressure and swelling can lead to discomfort and, over time, more serious conditions. The QUEST WISE Patch is designed to gently lower eye pressure and reduce swelling, offering a soothing, cooling sensation that brings immediate comfort.


    Quest Wise
    Quest Wise’s Cooling Eye Patches
    60 pieces / Box
    4 ~ 6 pieces / 1 time
    Keep in a cool and dry place, avoid sunlight
    Click me or See outer box
    Ice chips, chrysanthemum, nitrogen ketone, peppermint, licorice, grain essence grass
    Commuters, students, the elderly, adults; pregnant women should not use
    Chinese herbal medicine external treatment, eye care: promote eye blood circulation, regulate the liver meridian and kidney meridian, fundamentally relieve eye fatigue, and eye dryness, eye astringency, eye redness and swelling.

    Mechanism of Action

    ● Stimulation of key acupuncture points + herbal essences + Japanese transdermal technology to achieve the best effect of “acupressure.”

    ● Promotes blood circulation in the eyes, regulates the liver and kidney meridians, and relieves eye fatigue, dry eyes, astringent eyes, and eye redness from the root.

    ● The Chinese herbal medicine is used to protect the eyes and to improve eyesight, so as to help with myopia and presbyopia.

    How to Use

    1. Wash and cleanse eye area

    2. Remove eye patches from packaging
    3. Apply to eye area
    4. Allow essence to be absorbed


    1. Patches are for single use. Please do not re-use.

    2. You can use it when your eyes feel fatigue, dry or other discomfort. Best if applied before 11:00 PM, keep on for 6-8 hours.

    3. Patches can be removed in the morning after wetting eye area. Patches must be removed after wetting in case kids hurt their skin.

    4. Tearing is normal

    5. If allergic reactions such as itchiness, redness, or puffiness occur, please discontinue use or reduce the application time.

    6. Do not place the patches over damaged or irritated skin.

    7. DO NOT USE if pregnant.

    8. You will feel cooling right away after adhering the eye patches. If you don’t like the cooling you can leave the eye patches exposed in the air for 15 minutes before using. The cooling reduce high intraocular pressure.

    9. The patches are not recommended for children under the age of 8.


    Tearing is a normal phenomenon. If dry eyes and the cataracts are severe, tearing will be more serious, which means that the waste from the eye cells and tissues is flowing out.
    There is no cure for pollen allergy itself, but it can help itchy eyes caused by a pollen allergy.
    Pseudo-myopia can be greatly improved in 3 months, and many children can completely remove their glasses. Myopia is irreversible, but our eye patches can prevent nearsightedness from worsening; especially for people under the age of 22, the effect is very obvious.
    Generally speaking, it takes effect within 2 minutes. You can close your eyes for a few minutes after putting on the eye patch.
    There is a certain curative effect. The result will be even more noticeable if applying daily for 3 months.
    No, it can be applied any time the eyes are uncomfortable.

    Quest Wise’s Anti-fatigue nutritional eye patch is made in Japan under strict quality control standards.



    What Our Customers Say

    Dr. Long

    Dr. Long has undergone some tests for dry eye using the eye path. The test results surprised her; she wasn't sure before she had done them. She received many positive reviews for this eye path. She said this was just an early test, and it already surprised her. She is excited to see what else it can do.…

    Jeff Garden, 62

    Mr. Garden from Wisconsin was diagnosed with cataracts. QUESTWISE helps his blurry vision. Listen to his experience with QUESTWISE eye patches…

    Tenne. Fujimoto, 17 high school student

    Her eyes are very itchy due to pollen allergy…

    Dr. Chen Chong , 75

    She was very anxious after learning the “floaters “ appearing in her left eye…

    Review from a Questwise user

    She has a job that requires extensive computer use. This eye path has helped her relax her eyes…

    Review from a Questwise user

    They're easy to fit into your routine because you can wear them while you're working or while you're sleeping, help alleviate discomfort and promote overall eye health…

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