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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Do you eyes feel exhausted
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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Protects your eyes in 4 ways
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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Transdermal technology relieve fatigue


品牌 Quest Wise 睛樂明 名稱 睛樂明抗疲勞營養眼貼 規格 6 貼 / 1 次 保存方法 陰涼乾燥処儲存,避免陽光直射 使用方法 見外盒包裝 主要成分...


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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches


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$29.99 $25.99

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne McCarter
Soothing eye patches

I love the eye patches. I'm finally clear eyed in the morning after wearing them over night. Thank you.

Deana Smiel

I am 62 with cataracts and either look at a computer screen or read a book all my waking hours. My eyes get so fatigued that I have to go to bed. I ordered these eye patches and gained significant relief using them from the first use. I noticed that they're applied to the eye pressure points I learned to massage (except for the ones in the eyebrows) so that made great sense. The first time I put them on I washed my face very well and put nothing on. I did this while getting ready for bed. Usually this is around 9pm and I watch tv and read until about 11pm. As soon as I put them on my eyes were reacting like a burning feeling but not painful. I certainly couldn't keep them open. After about 30 minutes I could watch tv and read ok, although I was really getting alot of feeling around my eyes. Wore them all night and they didn't come off. I didn't need to use them again for a week. This time I washed my face but applied my usual skin care. The patches still adhered and lasted all night. I knew to put them on just before sleep. I haven't had to use them again for awhile now. I highly recommend these eye patches.

James Colombo

I love using these patches at night. They help relieve my dry eye symptoms giving me a more comfortable nights sleep.That helps me wake up refreshed. These work for me!

Eleanor Nagler
My eyes feel better. They don't hurt.

I am a senior citizen so my issues are different than those of younger people. My eyes were red and often mildly hurt. I experienced it as just being tired. I saw this ad and was curious. I loved the
concept of pressure points on the eye but had no idea if the patches would make a difference for me. I felt I had nothing to lose. It was hard to get into the routine of putting them on every night and I stumbled a bit but I noticed quickly that my eyes just have felt better each day after using them. At first my eyes teared a great deal but it's getting better every day. I actually really love these patches. . They simply make my eyes feel good. It's that simple. I can see them working for anyone who looks at screens all day or reads a lot. . It's a subtle change for me but I embrace it.


Suffered from Dry Eyes for years. Tried everything for relief. Finally something that works. Thank you.

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