MONKIMON Skin Cotton Towel- 80 Pack


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Skin Cotton Towel- 80 Pack

Disposable, reusable, chemical-free face towel made of non-woven fabric and completely paper free. Facial Cotton Towels are luxuriously soft yet super strong and durable. Gentle enough for a newborn’s sensitive skin and safe enough for all skin types.

Gently cleanse away makeup, sweat, skin care, and oils from delicate skin on the face and eyes gently and effectively. Use these dry wipes to cleanse and dry skin without abrasive fabrics or harsh chemicals. Perfect for bringing to the gym, salon, spa, and travel. Professional makeup artists, estheticians, and stylists who travel and work on location love the portability and ease, and clients love the luxurious pampering they receive from the super soft and plush. cotton, knowing each towel is free from bacteria, germs, or agents that cause irritation.  Our Facial Towels are dry and free from moisture or chemicals of any kind, making them perfect for creating custom wipes free from chemical preservatives, fragrances, or detergents.

Features and Benefits

  • 100% plant fibers free from paper or abrasive fabrics
  • Chemical-free, no detergents, fragrances, or dyes
  • Clean and hygienic minimizes bacteria exposure
  • Removes makeup, cleansers, masks, and skin treatments without damaging the skin
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Tear-resistant and durable for multiple uses
  • Safe for sensitive skin, babies, and delicate areas
  • Compact, lightweight, and travel friendly
  • Perfect for vanity and guest use
  • Use your own hygienic and luxurious towels while staying in hotels and rentals
  • Non-abrasive cotton is perfect for cleaning delicate materials, metals, paintings, collectibles, jewelry, silver, and so much more
  • Organic and Eco-friendly, sustainable, and compostable
  • Use once and toss, can be used up to 5 times
  • The perfect alternative to paper towels that disintegrate into pieces
  • Our patented non-woven, spun-laced process and the finest 100% cotton make each towel super soft and gentle yet tear-proof and durable and highly absorbent
  • No more bacteria or microbes that harbor bacteria and odors in gym bags, suitcases, or closets. Simply use it once and then dispose of it!
  • Sensitive skin can become more irritated when using washcloths or towels made from abrasive fabrics. Even the laundry detergents and fabric softeners used to launder them lingers within the fabrics, transferring onto sensitive skin and contributing to more irritation.
  • Super soft and absorbent yet resistant to tearing and falling apart.
  • Unscented, biodegradable, paper-free, and chemical free



Beauty Salons and Spas

Use on clients to reduce bacteria exposure and transfer and reduce energy use from washing and drying in hot water and detergents.

Makeup Artists and traveling beauty experts travel light, present professionally and provide a luxurious experience. 

Gym and Workout

Lighten your gym bag and keep smelly bacteria at the gym. Use our Face Cotton Towel and our Body Cotton Towel to pamper and cleanse your skin after working out or exercising.

Poolside and Beach

Beach towels can be bulky and heavy to carry around, and renting towels can lead to bacteria exposure and other germs. Use a super soft, fresh towel each and every time, knowing you are always using a clean and soft towel that will absorb moisture and pamper your skin.

Travel, Camping, Hotels

No need to worry about what’s lingering in the fabrics of your towels when traveling to hotels and rentals. Simply bring your own! Compact and super lightweight, they can fit into the smallest of travel bags. Perfect for weekend travel and staycation.

Clean jewelry, Leather, Silver, Fine Art, Collectibles, and More

Safely clean all your treasures with the soft cotton fibers in each towel. The non-abrasive texture will pamper each surface without scratching, and the absorbent fibers will remove moisture, hold special polishes or cleansers, and dust effortlessly.