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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Do you eyes feel exhausted
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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Protects your eyes in 4 ways
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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches - Transdermal technology relieve fatigue


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Quest Wise Soothing Eye Patches


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What Our Customers Say

Dr. Long

Dr. Long has undergone some tests for dry eye using the eye path. The test results surprised her; she wasn't sure before she had done them. She received many positive reviews for this eye path. She said this was just an early test, and it already surprised her. She is excited to see what else it can do.…

Jeff Garden, 62

Mr. Garden from Wisconsin was diagnosed with cataracts. QUESTWISE helps his blurry vision. Listen to his experience with QUESTWISE eye patches…

Tenne. Fujimoto, 17 high school student

Her eyes are very itchy due to pollen allergy…

Dr. Chen Chong , 75

She was very anxious after learning the “floaters “ appearing in her left eye…

Review from a Questwise user

She has a job that requires extensive computer use. This eye path has helped her relax her eyes…

Review from a Questwise user

They're easy to fit into your routine because you can wear them while you're working or while you're sleeping, help alleviate discomfort and promote overall eye health…

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne McCarter
Soothing eye patches

I love the eye patches. I'm finally clear eyed in the morning after wearing them over night. Thank you.

Deana Smiel

I am 62 with cataracts and either look at a computer screen or read a book all my waking hours. My eyes get so fatigued that I have to go to bed. I ordered these eye patches and gained significant relief using them from the first use. I noticed that they're applied to the eye pressure points I learned to massage (except for the ones in the eyebrows) so that made great sense. The first time I put them on I washed my face very well and put nothing on. I did this while getting ready for bed. Usually this is around 9pm and I watch tv and read until about 11pm. As soon as I put them on my eyes were reacting like a burning feeling but not painful. I certainly couldn't keep them open. After about 30 minutes I could watch tv and read ok, although I was really getting alot of feeling around my eyes. Wore them all night and they didn't come off. I didn't need to use them again for a week. This time I washed my face but applied my usual skin care. The patches still adhered and lasted all night. I knew to put them on just before sleep. I haven't had to use them again for awhile now. I highly recommend these eye patches.

James Colombo

I love using these patches at night. They help relieve my dry eye symptoms giving me a more comfortable nights sleep.That helps me wake up refreshed. These work for me!

Eleanor Nagler
My eyes feel better. They don't hurt.

I am a senior citizen so my issues are different than those of younger people. My eyes were red and often mildly hurt. I experienced it as just being tired. I saw this ad and was curious. I loved the
concept of pressure points on the eye but had no idea if the patches would make a difference for me. I felt I had nothing to lose. It was hard to get into the routine of putting them on every night and I stumbled a bit but I noticed quickly that my eyes just have felt better each day after using them. At first my eyes teared a great deal but it's getting better every day. I actually really love these patches. . They simply make my eyes feel good. It's that simple. I can see them working for anyone who looks at screens all day or reads a lot. . It's a subtle change for me but I embrace it.


Suffered from Dry Eyes for years. Tried everything for relief. Finally something that works. Thank you.

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